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Wellness Center Director

Dr. Dyanna Ah Quin

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Photo of Lois Delong

Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Lois DeLong: LPC; LADAC; CAC(I,II,III); MA in Addiction Counseling; Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

In addition to utilizing universally accepted Best Practices in her approach to resiliency, growth, and healing related to Co-occurring (Mental Health and Substance Use) Disorders, Dr. DeLong prefers to approach holistic healing through incorporating native traditions such as storytelling, ceremonies, and all forms of energy work based on specific culture. Her Clinical work throughout the years has included training in all areas related to counseling and healing approaches in many states with Licensure in New Mexico as a trainer. Many individuals who have been trained by Ms. Delong are now Licensed Counselors who also utilize both Western standard and Indigenous traditional approaches to healing.

Administrative Officer

Taveah Reede

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Photo of Davida Olivar

Executive Assistant

Davida Allyson Olivar

Task driven executive assistant with 10 years of administrative experience contributing both on the administrative side, day-to-day business operations and long-term program development planning.

She puts her family above all else and enjoys serving the community of the San Carlos Apache Tribe.

Quote: "There's a lot of just administrative work that comes along with having employees." Parker Conrad