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Youth Services

Photo of Mr. Louie Lorenzo

Louie Lorenzo: Bylas Prevention Coordinator, BHT

Louie’s past 20 years of work experience includes, Bylas Recreation Coordinator, Substance Abuse Counselor (ADAP), Prevention Coordinator (ADAP/SCWC) and Health Educator (I.H.S.) serving both the Bylas and San Carlos communities.

“I enjoy teaching traditional knowledge to the younger generations who are willing to learn and are curious about ancestral knowledge. My goals when working with our youth is teaching them who they are, teaching them to understand the two worlds they live in, and helping them reach their full mental/physical potential. It all comes down to being respectful, being gratified and being happy.”

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Steve Pahe

I work at the Boys Youth Mentorship Program at the San Carlos Wellness Center.
I have a passion for working with the youth of my tribe.
The best parts of my job are sharing the history of my tribe with the youth and helping the youth explore many positive opportunities that we have here on the San Carlos Apache Reservation.

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Dwayne Goode

Prevention / Youth Mentor

I work as a youth Mentor at the San Carlos Wellness Center. I believe in using Ni'gosdzan (the Earth) to help Mentor the youth in what we call Go'zhoo, which is the beautiful way of the Apache Life.

Before I came to Wellness I was working with the youth by holding Recreational Outreaches to provide positive activities for the youth in my community. I live with the same philosophy that Robert Nesta Marley did during his time on Earth. His biggest quote that sticks with me today is, 'The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?
"One love"

Schoool Based Services

Photo of Levi Thompson


Levi Thompson: School Based Supervisor

Levi has been with Wellness Center since 2011.

Levi is a great team member; creative; outgoing, and organized. He enjoys music, movies, traveling, and helping others.

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Jessica Jones: Behavioral Health Technician

Jessica has been employed with Wellness Center since 2011

Photo of Anfernee Thompson


Anfernee Thompson: Mental Health & Education Technician

Anfernee resides in the Peridot District and likes to watch baseball, go fishing, and being outdoors.

Photo of Tera Tsosie


Tera Tsosie: Mental Health & Education Technician

Tera has been employed with Wellness Center since 2018 and is currently working with the Youth Services Program.

Tera is creative and stays active learning new things while working with children.

Photo of Bernard Thompson Jr


Bernard Thompson Jr.: Mental Health & Education Technician

Bernard has been working with Wellness Center since 2018.

Photo of Jeffrey Cromwell


Jeffrey Cromwell

Hello, I have been with Wellness Center for three years. I love my job and what I do for the community.

I am from the White Mountain Apache Tribe, and my favorite hobbies are basketball and football. I enjoy the outdoors and I love hunting and fishing.

Quote: "I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message." Steve Irwin